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Breeder's Sites

Macopin Farm-Standard Araucana and Marans, bantam bearded Silkie and Dutch eggs. Serving adults with developmental disabilities. Eggs for eating, fine wool and fiber, compost for your garden. All our animals are pets.

Chartley Chucks-A small family Staffordshire business developed through love of breeding chickens. Breeds small numbers of pure bred birds suitable for gardens and schools. Happy to help beginners. DEFRA registered.

Pompadour Silkies-Silkie specialists: Buff, black, dilutes and several eyecatching project colors.

Butch's Birds-Airling (Butch) Gunderson raises Ducks, Geese, Standards, Bantams, and Turkeys to exceed the standard and to improve the breeds. Plus he's a honest and nice person.

Purely Poultry-Purely Poultry offers 170+ varieties of all species at great prices. We started Purely Poultry to serve customers well with a great offering of breeds at great prices.

Funny Feathers-Friendly Feather Lover from Loxahatchee, Florida

Guinea Fowl Breeders List-Guinea Fowl International Association (GFIA) Contact information for purchasing guinea fowl eggs, keets, and adult guineas

ChickEdee Farm-Breeders of Bearded Silkies & Bantam Leghorns located in Gavilan Hills, California

Something To Crow About!-A small family "farm" occasionally offering Silkies, bantam Cochins, and bantam Polish

Satin Silkies-Judy Reed of Barnesville Pennsylvania's site. She raises Silkies in most color varieties and also some ornamental pheasants

Allandoo Farm-Pheasants - 11 types of ornamental and rare pheasants in Southwest Scotland

Guinea Fowl Breeders-Private owners selling guineas, keets and fertile eggs

Kroninger Water Fowl-Gray and Snowy Call Ducks, East Indies, and Cascade Campbells NPIP

Silkie Fluff N Stuff-Specializing in Silkie Bantams, Black East Indie Ducks, & Lionhead rabbits in New York State

Funny Farm-Silkies, Araucanas, and other feathered friends; Araucana and Silkie history

Shannon's Shenanigans-Healthy birds & nice person in San Antonio Texas: Black, Blue, Splash, White Silkies; Blue, Splash, Black Frizzled Cochins, Bantam Turkens, African Geese and Indian Runners

Jinx Reed's Araucanas-Standard Black and White Araucanas raised by Jinx Reed of Orange Texas

SlipSpur Bantams-Andrea and Irene Beavers and Mark Kelley's Old English Game Bantams and Bearded White Silkies

Green's Acres-Patty Green's Silkies

The Bantam Roost-Belgian Bearded d'Uccles raised by Dick Staie and Terry Towe of Morristown New York

Robin's Nest and Critter Camp-Bantam Araucanas, Bantam Cochin Frizzles, Silkies, Call Ducks, Pea Fowl

Cedar Hollow Farms-Parrots, Goats, Poultry, and Llamas near Lawton Iowa

Chickgal's Place-Sandi's Araucanas, Barred Plymouth Rocks, Cochin, Easter Eggers, Mutts, Silkies, Sultans, Sumatras, message board, and chat room

Chook Shed-Gregory S. Davies of Australia's stories, information, and images

Bobbi's Party Animals-Bobbi Seibert's chicken escapades

Jenn's Animals-Jenn's Animals of Northeast Mississippi is dedicated to finding homes for pets in need. The site also features Jenn's own dogs, chickens, rabbits, and cats. Jenn likes to be "completely surrounded with slobbery kisses and cock-a-doodle-doos in the middle of the night."

Shed in the Orchard-Ken & Lesley's ever expanding living project. Up the garden path and into the Orchard, where you will find all their friends!

Texas Araucana Lover-Jinx Reed's Black and White Standard Araucanas Texas PeafowlSid Drenth (214-707-2051) raises and sells 40! colors/patterns of Peafowl and Vulturine Guinea Fowl

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