Brown Egg Blue Egg

Best of Breed Peoria 2004

Sold May 2004

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Araucanas and Silkies
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Bridget Bardot
Best of Breed Peoria 2004

Cockerel - Band 04-Pink
2 Tufts Rumpless
Blue Breated Red, Great lacing, Yellow Legs

Cockerel - Band 06-Pink
2 Tufts Rumpless
Blue Breated Red

Cockerel - Band 11-Pink
2 Tufts Partial Tail
Blue, Slate Legs

Cockerel - Band 13-Pink
2 Tufts Rumpless
Black Breasted Red Variant, Light Willow Legs

Cockerel - Band 14-Pink
No Tufts Rumpless
Black Breasted Red, Collonca Mother, Yellow Legs

Cockerel - Band 20-Pink
2 Tufts Rumpless
Salmon or Silver Duckwing With Red, Nice Type, Willow Legs

Pullet - Band 21-Pink
2 Tufts Rumpless
Blue With a Little Red, Partially Slate Legs

Pullet - Band 22-Pink
3 Tufts (Double Tuft One Side) Rumpless
Silver Duckwing With Red In Lower Part of Wings, Willow Legs

Brown Egg Blue Egg