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Angel Wing In Geese
By Crystal Dahlman
October 2005
Here are two pictures of my geese with angel wing.

There have been studies done of wild Canadian geese as the angel wing rarely (if ever) occurs in the wild. One season they free-fed gamebird feed to a control flock in the wild - lo and behold, angel wing appeared in the goslings. It is caused by free-feeding during the rapid growth stage of goslings (not sure if the same applies to chickens). The higher the protein, the more common the problem.
I raised the first goose with angel wing; the second was given to me and was too old to be fixed. Yes, if caught in time, angel wing can be fixed.

Now that I know the cause, I am able to prevent it. But it still tries to occur in my sebastopols. I think this is because their long feathers make the wings even heavier. In geese, angel wing is not a genetic disorder.
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