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Show Equipment

By Alan Stanford, Ph.D.
Most of These Suggestions Are From the Awesome Silkie Bantam Chat Newsgroup

Supplies to Prepare Your Birds for Judging

Baby Shampoo.

Cloth towels to dry birds needing an emergency wash.

Toothbrush to gently scrub manure out of soiled feathers.

Blow dryer (very important for Silkies).

3-wire high power extension cord for hair dryer. Shows often do not have electric outlets anywhere convenient.

Nail clippers for beaks and toenails.

Quick Stop (powder to stop the bleeding from toenails and beaks).

Paper towels.

Wet wipes for chicken feet, small stains, or your own hands.

Shout or Spray & Wash for emergency cleaning of stained feathers.

Currycomb for dogs = Wire brush (to fluff up Silkie tail feathers).

Liquid bluing (for a white bird) and a water basin for really big emergencies.

VetRx for combs, wattles, legs, and in case a bird gets sick.

Supplies for the Show Coops

Pine shavings. Shows often do not have enough, especially for feather legged birds.

Pooper scooper (something to scoop manure out of show coops so it won't get on the birds.)

Containers for food and water (usually a single cup for water is provided but it might not be suitable for crested birds.) Some like the soda bottle waterers. We use Dixie cups for food and water and hold them to the coop with clothes pins.

An empty milk jug, pitcher, or watering can to carry water for your chickens.

Your flock's own food and water. Changes of food and water stress the birds.

Medical Supplies for the Flock

Lice and mite treatment, Only take birds home! Treat your birds as you pack the for the trip home. We us Adams Flea and Tick Spray with Skillstop.

Emergency medication in case a bird gets sick.

Vitamins and electrolytes for your birds' drinking water especially on hot days.

Supplies for You

Camera with film or a charged battery for your digital camera.

Copy of the American Standard of Perfection (so you know for what judges should be looking and to discuss with others.)

Money to buy birds, raffle tickets, snacks, and meals.

Tylenol (for stressed chicken owner).

Water bottle (for thirsty chicken owner).

Notepad and pen for phone numbers and notes.

Lawn chair (it seems they never have enough chairs).

Extra transportation boxes if you plan to buy birds.

Books on tape to listen to on the way to and from the show.

Bring a Friend!

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