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Coryza Treatment - Peter Brown
Peter Brown First State Vet Supply
January 2007
Peter Brown on Coryza

"Coryza is caused by a very aggressive bacteria. I would suggest Chloramphenicol eye ointment and Gallimycin and Aureomycin/Sulmet powder mixed in the drinking water for 14 days. This disease is highly contagious and will spread to other birds if not controlled."

Editor's Note: My flock has, through chance, never had Coryza. All I have read says:
  • It is extremely contagious.
  • There is a characteristic smell that one can never forget.
I highly recommend a professional's evaluation of whatever ails your flock. Good resouces for poultry medicine are unfortunately scarce. Peter Brown and Dr. William Patterson are two I trust. You must, as the responsible person, be through and aggressive. Don't call or email without a written list of symptoms and observations. If the suggestions don't work, call/email again.

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