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Do Araucanas Need Special Care

By Alan Stanford, Ph.D.
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Do Araucanas need special care? Yes and no.

Because they are active and intelligent, they respond poorly to overcrowding. With a very big coop most of the cautions below are much less important.

Their coops need be big enough to provide escape routes (not dead end traps) for the less aggressive birds.

You need to provide two sources of food and two independent ways to get water. The less aggressive birds can be starved to death; especially when new to a group.

You cannot just throw random Araucanas together. You must introduce them carefully and watch.

The really really want a perch or two or three!

They throw their food and love to scratch it from the ground. Hence, pellet food is less wasteful.

They love to scratch. They will throw bedding out of coops and make dirty it quicker than, for example, Silkies.

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