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Grey Silkies
By Aaron, Miss Morgan, and Suze Scott
Compiled and Edited by Alan stanford, Ph.D.
March 2005

From what limited information I was able to gather there are 2 different "kinds" of grey Silkie. One is the silver partridge. The other is the chinchilla grey; chinchilla grey males are more evenly grey and have alternate grey and black going up the feather shaft. If you blow at a chinchilla grey you will see rings of grey and black like a target.

I am not sure where the chinchilla color orginates as I have not found another bird except maybe a barred color that would be similar.

I am still learning about the grey color as well and it looks like it must be the least know in the Silkie color book.

Miss Morgan

I might be wrong about this but I think Grey Silkies are the same colour as Dark Brahmas, It is a silver version of the Partridge colour pattern.

Suze Scott

Despite similar appearances, splash and grey are genetically unrelated.

Splash carries two copies of the blue gene (B, B) and two copies of extended black (E,E). Grey carries the genes that make partridge: pattern gene (Pg) and, rather than extended black genes at the E-locus, grey has brown (eb, eb). Grey also has the silver (S) gene that changes red and gold to a silvery white.

There might be some other associated genes, and that only covers the silver partridge version of grey. There is also chinchilla grey caused different genes.
Brown Egg Blue Egg