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Books About Silkies

By Inga Ladd

To my knowledge, there are four books on Silkies in print:

         Silkies, American Bantam Association
         The Silkie Fowl, by Dr.   Batty
         Silkies Not Your Average Pet, by Sharon Greenaway
         The Silkie, a History, Standards and Commentaries, by Ron Harris

For care, maintenance and housing, I recommend the Greenaway book.  

There are a few books out there with short articles about Silkies or maybe a few pages.  

The ABA (American Bantam Association) has an article archive that you can request copies of with some Silkie articles.   There are many genetics articles from scientific journals that reference Silkies.   To find these, you must check out one of the good genetics' textbooks out and check the references available in fine print at the end of each chapter.   I make a point of knowing what is in print and what is not.   There isn't anything else published that is available for purchase that I know of.   I have copies of some out-of-print foreign language books on Silkies myself.  

Beyond these things, the Awesome Silkie Bantam Chat Yahoo archive is probably the largest collection of Silkie information in the world.   SilkieBreeders' archive also has quite a lot of information.  

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