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January 2007

I have a silkie hen that has been broody for a few weeks. She is really having some eye trouble and has been scratching a lot at her left eye.

I noticed some white bubble type discharge in the corner of that eye. I have been cleaning it out with saline 3 times a day and sometimes it is closed up with goop. This morning it is totally closed so I left it alone, but I noticed the other eye is starting with the white bubbles.

I am wondering could she be allergic to the mite dust I had been using? I had dusted the floor & some of there bottoms last week and with her scratching could some have gotten some into her eye?

Any ideas at all as to what this could be?



You could try Peter Brown's Tylan nasal flush followed by Terramycin eye ointment and VetRX. This treatment is very effective for sinus and eye problems. Directions are below. Some will trickle into the throat if the nasal passage is open. This is okay, actually was good when my birds had pox lesions in their throats.

Linda Hamid
She might also have a blocked nare (nostril). See Plugged Nare

Peter Brown's Nasal Flush Using Tylan 50 or LA-200
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Add 2 cc of Tylan 50 or LA-200 to 12 cc of sterile water. Use a syringe with the needle removed to flush each nostril with 3 to 4 cc of the mixture.

Flush twice per day for 5 to 7 days.

Follow each flushing with Vet-Rx squirted liberally into each nostril and Terramycin eye ointment in each eye. The eye ointment is a critical part of reducing the swelling. It is best to use the eye ointment every 2 to 3 hours during the day but apply at least twice per day.

Start the ointment in one corner of the eye and lay down a small strip from all the way to the other corner of the eye.

It might also help to flush the eye once per day with an over the counter human eye wash. It should be boric acid based. The eye washes are readily available in all drug stores. Flush the eye before the nasal flush and eye ointment.

It might be necessary to use more powerful antibiotics to cure a swollen eye problem. If you are not making progress, please call me (Peter Brown 800-950-8387) so we may discuss your situation and make any necessary changes.
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