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Chicken Strategy

by Patty
8 July 2003
Edited by Alan Stanford, Ph.D.

Hey Josh, It's My Turn
I realized while handing out bites of bread that each chicken has her own strategy to get the most bites of food. I see this played out each time I sit on the steps with a slice of bread.

Annie stands besides me on the steps flashing those big black eyes and making eye contact as much as possible. Skiddles leans across my lap peeping really sadly and, if she doesn't think she's getting her share, she will perch on my leg. Eggnus remains firmly planted on front row center making a grunting noise.

Uno and Due are the two outfielders; they stay back due to their size and prior feet crunching. The outfielders have learned that Mom has a good arm; Mom can wing food practically to their feet.

Eggnus surprises me with how high she jumps to catch pieces of bread thrown to the outfielders.

Peach Hee, well, his stratgy changes daily. His "poor pitiful me" doesn't work because my hand still has his bite marks. He gets his share but Peach Hee has to work at it.

Miss Emma does not lower herself to beg from a human. But she sure does scurry when the bread is thrown her way. After all, she must keep her little body fit and trim.

Chickens you've got to love them.

She Already Got Some
Brown Egg Blue Egg