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Speaking of Spaghetti

By Velvet

Chickens love table scraps, and we have a lot of fun introducing them to new foods.

On one occasion it was cooked spaghetti for our two month old chicks.

The problem was, once the birds started to eat the noodle from one end, they discovered after one or two swallows there was a huge length of noodle still to go.

They would start to panic.

Now they are stuck, because they can't cough it back up and they haven't yet learned to bite or break it off. The only choice is to grimly keep on swallowing. To their utter relief here comes the other end (finally!) But wait, now that end is flailing about and slapping them about the head and chest! Agghh! And when they try to get away it follows them!


They have since learned to break things into manageable bites...but still one of the funniest things I ever saw was a chicken running around being chased by the length of spaghetti it had in it's mouth.

Velvet :)