Brown Egg Blue Egg
Punky Rainbow
Member of the Kroll Family
Spring 2001 - March 26, 2003

Spring 2000 - Love with Wings for $1.25

There was something about her.
When she came home she followed me everywhere.
Punky Rainbow became a house chicken for a while.

She would sing and follow me around the house.

Punky kept her little wings outstretched like preparing for take off as she and our family played tag up and down the hallway.

We trusted each other completely.
She was so gentle.
I could pick her up without a single flap.
Punky Rainbow would preen my eye lashes.

Many city folk met her at our pet store;
Punky was the first living chicken they had ever seen.
When she moved to the farm to have babies,
Punky and I still sat and talked.
She seemed to understand what I said, and chirped and purred back to me.
She went with us camping, to the beach, sledding, and to the pet store.



"Just this side of Heaven is a place called the Rainbow Bridge where Punky Rainbow is playing.
We'll cross the Rainbow Bridge together."

Brown Egg Blue Egg