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Cheese It, Its the Fuzz

by Cindy
27 December 2002
Edited by Alan Stanford, Ph.D.

The other day Piggy was playing hard with something, and after a while I wondered what could be keeping his attention for so long. I watched with my glasses off as something small jumped in front of Piggy and he attacked it, beat it with great enthusiasm upon the floor, then stood back, and it jumped again - over and over and over and OVER. I finally decided I had to see this immortal bug up close; it turned out to be a piece of fuzz stuck to the end of a hair that had got caught in Piggy's beak! Who knows how long this would have entertained him if I hadn't removed the hair from his beak?

I worry about Piggy swallowing hair (two out of three of us in this household have very long hair and we shed quite a bit) but it was quite funny! Mark said record it in Piggy's baby book.

Piggy has always had a great fury toward animated toys, especially BioBug which probably weighs more than Piggy. If Piggy catches even a HINT of a sound or movement from BioBug, Piggy jumps to grab it by the antenna, beats it on the floor, and leaps in the air the better to slam it. Also, if Piggy just hears the name of the animated demon d-o-g-g-i-e, Piggy becomes berserk.

You can see why I was a little worried when for Christmas I got Mutsu, a robot fish pet. Surprise, Piggy likes Mutsu fine! Matsu makes all sorts of weird noises, has flashing lights, and runs around like a tiny mouse in its enclosure, and really acts quite alive but, for some reason, Piggy barely looks at Mutsu.

We ran into an old friend today, he came up for a visit, and I could tell he was disrespecting Piggy. He thought Piggy was a spoiled, pampered, soft sissy-boy of a chicken. I finally couldn't take any more of it and took a drastic step "Bud!" I called. "We're activating d-o-g-g-i-e, just for one second!"

We all gathered round. Our friend was still smirking on the couch. I went to get the mechanical toy, and Piggy followed me and lingered in my room, so he wasn't present as we got in a circle "'He'll hear it," I said. We activated d-o-g-g-i-e. Piggy flew through two rooms like a rabid hyena. Seizing 'd', he pounded him on the floor with such savage fury that our friend's jaw dropped. Fortunately, as we knew it would, 'd' died very quickly, and it was all over but the ritual disdainful scuffing of dirt onto the toy's mangled corpse. Piggy, as before, took a second to calm down, danced a wild little dance, and went back to humiliating d-o-g-g-i-e's corpse, till I took it and put it away. When Piggy settled back into his usual self, Mark said, "You'll give him a heart attack."

I said to our friend, "Do you have a little more respect for Piggy now?" He had to allow that the demonstration had been "amazing."

I felt bad taking advantage of Piggy's furious hatred of this toy but, on the other hand, he does need a little exercise.

Cindy, whose chicken is now sleeping peacefully with his head on backwards, where I can smooch it every time I pass.

Brown Egg Blue Egg