Brown Egg Blue Egg

Showing Aunt Shorty

Transcribed by Annette Galvano
Janurary 2004

The APA National meet is just up the street from the coop!

I told the gals and boy are they eggcited. The Silkies asked if they could compete. "Well", said I, "you COULD. You're just beautiful and would surely turn heads. But you'd need to train."

"What's that Momma?"

"Well", I replied, "First off, you couldn't play outside next summer. You'd have to stay in your coop, growing your feet feathers just perfectly. And you'd have to take baths. And all kinds of strangers would stare at you, maybe even ahem, ahem, at your vents. And you'd..."

"Forget it", interrupted Aunt Shorty, "What do I look like to you? MARTHA STEWART??!!!"

"Could we at least see our Daddy Alan?", asked the Schmoo with touching hope in her beak.

"Could happen", said I. ;)

Brown Egg Blue Egg