Brown Egg Blue Egg
Member of Gail's Family
June 2004 - January 13, 2005
You know, everyone who saw Goldie was both fascinated and enamored with her.

Spinach and Sponge Bob, Now There's An Evening
Goldie loved for me to feed her spinach leaves. I would hold the leaves firmly and she would continue to bite off pieces until she ate about 8 leaves a night. This became her bedtime ritual.

Goldie's coop sat in a den/TV room. I noticed one day that Goldie was positioning herself to see the TV from her cage. She seemed particularly fascinated with Sponge Bob cartoons. Sure enough, everytime Sponge Bob came on, Goldie would be standing in the corner of her cage where she had the best unobstructed view of the TV and watching intently!

Goldie and Her Moose
One night I dozed off while watching TV and when I awoke, all my animal friends were sleeping around me. Spike the Pomeranian was on the couch curled up next to me, J.J. Goose the cat, was next to Spike, and Kardi the Chow-mix was on the floor. There, next to him, buried in his soft fur was little Goldie Hen.

I was so shocked to see her nestled up against that big dog. That's when I realized that she needed to cuddle when she slept. So, I searched around the house for something about her size and found a little stuffed moose. I placed it in Goldie's cage.

When I put her in with the moose, she made that familiar little trill sound that told me she was very happy. She went over to the moose which was placed next to the side of the cage where she slept every night and laid her head on the stuffed antler. She stayed that way for a long time...not moving, just delighting in this new friend to cuddle with. Goldie slept each night thereafter with her head laying on the moose.

Goldie and Her Twin
Goldie and her Pomeranian friend Spike often slept together with me on the couch.

"Just this side of Heaven is a place called the Rainbow Bridge where Goldie is playing.
We'll cross the Rainbow Bridge together."

Brown Egg Blue Egg