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Hawks and Silkies
By Lola Hubler
January 2005
I sometimes let the layer flock out of their run to scratch about in the barn yard. I have about 15 hens of various breeds and colors and one rooster. The man's a Silkie.

All of the chickens were spread out in various clumps all over the yard and pasture right behind the barn. I sat down by on the rock wall by the barn door to watch them.

All of the sudden the rooster man made a strange high pitched squeel noise. ALL of the hens made a bee line right past where I was sitting into the barn as fast as they could move their little legs. I looked up to see this big red tailed hawk floating by looking for dinner.

I always wondered why the rooster man never made as much of a fuss and mess scratching stuff up. He is too busy watching out for danger to protect his hens.

I just thought this was cool. When all of the hens went back out to their business of scratching in the manure pile, I almost wished the hawk would fly back over so I could see them do that again.
Brown Egg Blue Egg