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Silkie's Story
Member of Kim's Family
March 22, 2001 - December 6, 2005
I Never Knew That So Much Love and Joy Could Be Found In a Two And a Half Pound Ball of Fluff
Silkie Can Never Be Replaced
Of Course Silkie Started Small
Because Silkie wore a diaper, made from a heavy-duty dust mask, she was a "free-range" house chicken and a true member of the family. She loved to sit on the couch and watch TV. She also had many adventures in the house exploring the different rooms.

When Silkie found an uninvited house guest, an unlucky insect who had wandered in, she would chirp ecstatically and gobble up her hapless victim.
All the family celebrated special occasions together!
She loved to play with rolls of toilet paper. She would jump in the air and unroll the paper from its holder. I would often find toilet paper rolls almost completely unravelled and shredded on the floor. She also liked to scratch the wall to wall carpet, doing a little dance. I never knew that so much love and joy could be found in a two and a half pound ball of fluff.
Silkie was a "poster girl" featured in some of the best chicken art on the planet.
Cindy Ryan's Chicken Art
Hey! I know that girl!

The entire family adored Silkie, but mom loved Silkie the most. Mom is totally devastated by Silkie's passing. 
Mom and Silkie in our backyard.
It was the last photo of them taken together.
The dinosaur topiary was created by an artist in Kansas for me.

My mom and I visit Silkie's grave everyday and say a little prayer for her...and sometimes... in a fanciful reverie, I can still hear her little footsteps going "click, click, click" down the long wooden hallways leading to my room.

Silkie: March 22, 2001 to December 6, 2005

"Just this side of Heaven is a place called the Rainbow Bridge where Silkie is playing.
We'll cross the Rainbow Bridge together."
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