Brown Egg Blue Egg

Lay About

By Lisa

I know this little white Sultan named Slinky.

Slinky has a thing about laying eggs on a bookshelf in our office. She has a hissy if she can't get in to the office to lay her egg. She knows every door and window.

My husband got tired of being on the phone with Slinky up on the shelf growling, clucking, and throwing papers. (It isn't easy to lay an egg). He tried locking her out of the house, but couldn't stand her constant tapping on the window. So he came up with something new. He took a card board box, emptied the paper shredder into it, and made Slinky a nest box on the floor.

While Slinky was looking down at the new box, our little OEG Lavender invited herself into the house. She strolled into the office, jumped right into the nest box, and laid an egg.

Slinky won't have anything to do with box, she likes her shelf. So now we have 2 coming into the house, just to lay an egg. They go back out when they are done.

On top of that, Lucy the goose comes in looking for them from time to time. She worries when she can't see Slinky and Lavender.

Lucy often goes through my purse before we send her back out. Yesterday she came in and ran right back out. I followed her out because I saw something big and green in her beak. I chased her down and took it away.

She had stolen my big fuzzy slipper....

We've been having nice weather lately, and have had the door open a lot. Maybe winter will finally come, and we'll get some peace around here.

Brown Egg Blue Egg