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Lucille's Major Production
By Linda Jaffe
November 2005
I have a big barred rock, Lucille, whose daily egg pushing is a MAJOR production involving the whole flock.

She walks around bawking for several hours, looking for that perfect spot. She'll find a place, scratch and bawk and settle, then decide it's just not right and she needs to keep looking. Only the least accessible and most unstable spots really attract her.

First, she chose a small cat carrier I had left sitting on top of the rabbit cage. It's way too small for her and turning herself around in it requires agility I didn't think she possessed! Even when she's all the way inside, her butt is sticking out the door. But it worked for her.

Unfortunately, it also works for Lily, my little modern game girl, who had already popped out about 5 eggs in there before Lucille barged in. It became a daily battle of wills, and Lily won (well, she WAS there first!). So Lucille had to keep looking.

Now, finally, she has found the spot of her dreams and we don't have the daily ritual of THE SEARCH. At first I really couldn't believe she was getting back there and laying. It didn't seem possible, but, she's a determined gal. The new spot is up on the counter, behind the parakeet cage. Mind you, she has to wedge herself into a very narrow space back there.

Turning around is not an option. If she needs to turn around she has to come out and then go back in facing the other way. There's a little towel back there she makes her nest with, and she also helps herself to bits of paper from the parakeet's cage.

When she comes out she is all indented with the pattern of the cage wires and has to fluff and shake vigorously for several minutes. Then it's time to run around and tell everyone the glorious news, that she LAID AN EGG!!

So of course everyone has to join in on a joyous bawk-fest for about fifteen minutes before they can return to their routines. Lucille's personal business has become quite the community affair!
Brown Egg Blue Egg