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Lucky Ducky Works On Her Tan
Or Why Do Silkies Have Dark Skin?
Lucky has always had a penchant for the sun.

Most Silkies do.

If only that cockerel on champions' row hadn't cluck-mented on her beautiful skin... Any road, sunning is now one of Two-ey's passions and she does nothing half way.
Do you suppose chickens communicate on a special reserved channel?

Lucky retired to the RCS (Rochester Chicken Spa) where winter days are mighty short. Some way or another Annette discovered what Lucky was beaming to her over the sub channel.

"Sun, Sunshine, My Tan!"
Annette wouldn't be one to spoil a bird would she? She moved her personal high-tech sun-simulating lamp over Lucky and the result was instant sun adulation.
Of course Lucky was appropriately appreciative and let Annette know.
Brown Egg Blue Egg