Brown Egg Blue Egg - You Want I Should Starve?
Brown Egg Blue Egg
You Want I Should Starve?
Lucky Ducky In Her Prime
Still Beautiful at Nine Years Old
By Annette (Mama)
I grew up in Brooklyn, NYC in a Jewish Italian neighborhood. The old Jewish ladies would sit out in front of their houses, sun bathing. Sometimes the really fat ones would sit with their legs splayed (cause of the fat) with this look as if to say, "I'm old, I can sit however I want--you gotta problem with that?"

Lucky and the Gang with Big Butt

Lucky Does Her Best
So the Venerable Miss Lucky reminds me of those Old glorious Jewish grannies. She's addicted to the sun and she eats and eats and eats. She's become a solid little citizen.
Bob says she's going to need a diet soon. She cocked her little head and squawked and said most distinctly, "What, I should give up my last remaining pleasure? You want I should starve?? I'm an old lady, mind your own business"
And that was that.

Lucky's Mature Figure

Lucky Ducky Pins Annette
Brown Egg Blue Egg