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Meet Mo
By Linda First
November 2006
More Mo
More Mo
I have a house chicken - a big Rhode Island Red rooster - that my husband and I have grown to dearly love. I have loved chickens all my life. When I married, my husband thought chickens were too messy a group of animals and discouraged me from pursuing my dream.
... until Spring 2004 ...
I happened upon four darling little cockerels in a feed store and brought them home. I was a good person, though - I talked to my husband first! He was so tired of me bringing up this subject that he finally gave in.

We named the four Eenie, Meanie, Miney, and Mo.

Eenie, Meanie, Miney, and Mo

There's A Frog Under There!
We were so ignorant in those early days. We thought we could let the chickens forage and free range with no problems in the world.
Before mid-summer 2004, we were down to just two little cockerels. When a predator grabbed one of those two, we found ourselves with a single little fellow, Mo. Mo had witnessed the predator grabbing his buddy Eenie, and when we got home, he showed how terrified he was and begged to come into the house with us. Naturally, we felt awful because of our mistakes and we loved the little guy, so in he came.
Now, we couldn't part with him for anything and love him dearly.

In a couple of years, I'd like to retire and get a little backyard flock of girls for Mo. He thinks that is a very good idea. Even then, Mo will be the only allowed inside. The girls will just have to be jealous. One inside is enough and I would have never allowed that if did not have hardwood floors throughout the house.

Let Me In!
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