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Mister Mom
13 November 2005
Three weeks ago, my tufted/tailed Araucana pullet hatched out 6 chicks. The father, a rumpless golden duckwing roo, didn't know what to think. He didn't seem to like the new arrivals much, and acted aggressively towards them.
Recently, though, his attitude has changed. When I fed the chickens a cob of corn this morning, he pecked the kernels off and gave them to the babies, while making the "here's food!" cluck.
The funniest thing? For the last few nights, I've found him on the lower perch with momma hen and the little guys, fluffed over half of the babies while momma takes the other half!
Just wanted to share... I've never had a rooster do this before, so I find it quite amusing!

Mister Mom and the Family

Brown Egg Blue Egg