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Rooster Love

I've Lost the Author's Name!
November 2005
For the love of a good rooster

Is there something unnatural about a woman and a rooster being in love?

You might think so unless you met my special little man, Nilla Baby (son of Vanilla, the Wandering Hen--she's another story). He is tiny, adorable, and the most incredibly needy animal I've ever met. It's impossible not to fall in love with him.

I would have been happy with a more platonic relationship, but it seems that's not enough for my Nilla Baby. Our relationship has blossomed into something ...

I now have even more sympathy for what my hens go through. And I am about a hundred times bigger than they are and only my hand or arm (sometimes an ankle) are involved. But it hurts! He pinches HARD! But, I endure for love's sake.

How can I say no to a little rooster
  • who is constantly tidbitting me with tasty morsels (and not so tasty ones)?
  • Who would feed me his last mealworm?
  • Who tries to coax me into all the comfy places that are perfect for me to lay an egg?
  • Who comes into the house and follows me (at a run) everywhere I go, including the bathroom?
Hearing the tapping of little chicken nails on the floor behind you is a special treat most folks don't get to enjoy! Plus, he's not all about sex.

He likes to talk, too.

In fact, he never shuts up unless I tuck him into the crook of my arm (and then he purrs). The rest of the time he is constantly sharing important chickenly information with me, even though I'm too stupidly human to understand its meaning.

Being the human mate to a tiny rooster has its ups and downs, although I'm certainly glad he IS tiny--this relationship might not work so well with one of my standard roo boys! I have to say I've never felt this needed in my life. But watch, he'll probably turn into a real rooster one of these days and throw me over for a good-looking pullet.

Here are pictures of my little love.

It's hard to tell his size from these, but he fits nicely in my hand and weighs about 320 grams.

Handsome devil, isn't he?

The Other Boyfriend
Now for the bad part

Nilla Baby and I are very happy together, but alas, there is someone else who is NOT happy. It's my other boyfriend, Chicken-Man.

Not a Happy Chicken Man
Chicken-Man is one BIG rooster. He likes to sit in my lap and cuddle. He loooooves to be held. He is scared of all the other roosters (except Nilla Baby) and some of the hens. He's a big ole wussy boy! He is...ahem...mature, but thankfully prefers to perform his manly duties upon hens, rather than me. He does "shuffle" me, and does the typical rooster antics, but he does not crow. Has never even attempted to. He is by far the biggest boy in my indoor barnyard, but he croweth not.