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Aunt Shorty And Her Namesake Lose Their Patience
Shorty's Namesake Looses Her Patience
By Patty - March 2006
(Patty named her hen After Aunt Shorty
When Annette's Beulah died it was only natural to name that special chick Beulah
Shorty was giving Beulah scratching lessons. Beulah was not scratching, she was running under Shorty's feet. The more Shorty would scratch the faster Beulah ran under her. Shorty finally lost it. She started shaking and threw herself backwards. She was so upset with Beulah. Tommy told Shorty she may have a slow chick and don't expect too much. We all laughed so hard at momma hen losing her cool and throwing a temper tantrum over slow progress.
Shorty Looses Her Patience
By Annette - March 2006
This reminds me of one of my favorite Aunt Shorty stories. Who remembers when she had her first clutch?

I let the babies out for the first time and they ran under the big coop. Shorty called and called more and more frantically. They wouldn't budge.
Finally she somehow squeeezed herself under the coop and tried to make them follow her. NOTHING.

Finally I got them out ever so carefully with a broom and put them back in their little coop. They were tired and cold by this point and tried to snuggle under Shorty. SHE WAS PISSED! She flattened herself to the ground and refused to let them under her for quite a while. She was punishing them!
Finally she relented and they ran under her.

Next time I let them all out and she called them, they came at the first cluck.
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