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Silkie Versus Hawk

by Donna Marshall
Edited by Kaste Stanford
My husband bought me a silver Silkie roo from a little feed store where he might have ended up as dinner for someone. I placed him with my flock of assorted colored Silkie hens and chicks.

That Silkie took right to them.
This morning I heard a commotion going on in front of the house and banging and screaming. I ran to see what was going on (thinking a dog was after my Silkies).

My Silkies like to lie in front of the house in the sun in early morning.

Old Silver
When I came around the corner, I saw what appeared to be two birds in one heck of a scuffle, one being my new silver Silkie rooster. I ran over to separate the pair thinking perhaps one of the neighbors game roos or a hen had picked a fight with him.

To my surprise, it was not a chicken he was fighting!
It was a Hawk!!!
The two were rolling around on the ground blood on both. I glanced about for something to catch the hawk with but could not find anything handy. The hawk, finally free of the angry Silkie rooster, took for the sky. The rooster still looking for a fight was strutting and hollering. I looked around and saw a small Silkie hen sprawled on the ground.

The hawk hit his mark but not with out paying a price. Perhaps he will think twice before trying to get one of Old Silver's flock. To be on the safe side, I put them all in a pen with a top.

Old Silver was still hollering for his flock to regroup, as I looked him over for wounds. He seemed ok so he is back to guarding the flock. He has taken to chasing away dogs who might endanger his flock.

I think Old Silver will stay.

Brown Egg Blue Egg