Brown Egg Blue Egg


by Patty M

7 March 2005 - 5 April 2005

Skiddles 1 - How Smart is a Chicken?

I was looking out the window today and I saw Skiddles pacing around the front of the shed. She would walk to the door that was shut and put her beak against it then walk away. Then I saw her make a beeline across the yard and jump up on the porch.

I let her in the back door and she started whining at the top of her voice. She would look at me and whine. I tried to give her some raisins but she didn't want any. She ran through the house whining then she wanted to go back outside again.

Later on I was going to take the garbage out and I brought the keys to the shed out. I was going to open the door for her but she had already went to the coop.

When Tommy came home he had went in the shed for something. He told me to come outside and look in the shed. There in the corner was a little nest made with 2 of Skiddles eggs in it.

The shed door had been open for the last 2 days and I guess she had decided to start laying in the shed. She was trying to tell me to open the shed so she could lay her egg in her nest. I wish I had taken the keys out then and opened the door for her.

Skiddles 2 - Afraid of Tommy

Tommy said the chickens are really afraid of him now. They won't let him come within 10 foot of them.

He is the one that dug the hole and placed Emma in the ground. They all saw him do it. Bigfoot let out a big crow when Tommy was covering Emma. Due was walking around making a crying noise.

It was a sad day for the flock.

Skiddles 3 - Fetch

Yesterday Josh came in the house and said you've got to see this come out and look. He would throw the ball and of course Buddy dog would chase it. But right by Buddy's side was Skiddles running after the ball.

Everytime Josh threw the ball Buddy and Skiddles would race to see who got to the ball first. A couple of times Skiddles got there first and just stood and looked at the ball like, "Why are we chasing this thing?"

Buddy dog would come, grab it, and bring it back to Josh. Buddy wore out faster then Skiddles. He's getting up there in age and it doesn't take him long. He'll take the ball and lay down when it's time to quit.

Skiddles 4 - A Singular Dolly Parton

Hope everyone has a nice day and hugs a chicken. Mine are out in the yard eatting spaghetti. Skiddles is already looking like Dolly Pardon with her crop full.

Brown Egg Blue Egg