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Thankful for Chickens

by Ruth Haldeman

This past Thanksgiving I had the privilege to spend the holiday at my friend's house. She is one of my best friends and an extraordinary cook. While I was there, we were visited by a family circus. I mean, literally, a family of circus performers. We all joined hands and each of us spoke of what we were thankful for. Some were thankful just to be alive. I have am thankful for so many things but somehow the words wouldn't come out of my mouth.

Now I have another reason to be thankful. I am thankful for the way my birds make me laugh.

Yesterday I had given the birds their treats and was still doing outside chores when my birds decided it was time to go to bed. One by one they filed into their henhouses, first the banties, then the big chickens.

My heart rejoiced at not having to come out again if I securely closed them up before I went inside to prepare dinner. So I patiently waited until all but two ladies dallied outside the door.

They seemed hesitant so I decided to flap my arms to help them make up their minds. It was as if someone rang the dinner bell.

All of the sudden I was deluged by chickens, big chickens, and guineas of all sizes and shapes. They boiled, enveloped, pushed, and shoved out of the partially open door. I hustled off, almost swept off my feet by the wave of poultry.

They all looked at me expectantly while their full crops swung to and fro. Surely the treat bucket is not empty? Why else would the hooman be waving her skinny wings around and attracting such attention?

They peered closely at me to make sure I was not hiding food; it was with an almost audible sigh of disappointment they once again quietly filed back into the henhouse.

I had to laugh.

The year is almost over, and while life has dished out some rough times, there has been friendship, support, and laughter here on the Housechickens forum. I am thankful. Have a Happy and Blessed New Year everyone!

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