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The Schmoo Ventures into Theoretical Physics1
By Annette
Today Bob and I were working on the berry patch. I brought Schmoo and set her down nearby, to keep an eye on her in case Mr. Hawk was around. She was standing by the garden fence. It has three layers, hardware cloth by the doorway, chicken wire dug into the ground and extending up a couple of feet and then larger gage fencing going up 5 feet.

So we're doing our thing. Much time passes and still the Schmoo is facing the multi-layered fence staring transfixed.

Finally I asked, "Schmoo, what's so interesting?"

"Well Mama. The different layers of the fence are such that they are in perfect alignment. This got me off onto a series of calculations about the relationship between space and time. I then meandered into a speculation about the origins of the universe. I think the space between the layers of fencing is a microcosmic reprsentation of the universe before the Big Bang and..."

"OK, Schmoo. That's just fascinating. Wanna help us dig a hole now?"

"Ooo, OK. This kind of speculation always makes me hungry for worms!"

Annette, mother to a genius

The Schmoo Contemplating the Cosmos

Where's the Soap?

1 Annette once thought The Schmoo "lovely and loving, but STOOPID!"
However, one day Annette realized, as she watched "The Schmoo stare into space and peck at the air for a ridiculous amount of time, that she was only faking stupidity and was in fact contemplating abstract mathematics."
We physicists are all the same.

Brown Egg Blue Egg