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What To Do with Male Chickens

by Ol' George

Many of you have raised your babies the he status of 'CHICKEN' and the question comes up "What do I do with them now?". Other than egg production and a few Sunday dinners what else is there? Well, there are a lot chickens can do.

A flock of 25 chickens can provide adequate garbage disposal for a family of 6. 4 if 2 are teenagers.

3 or 4 Roo's can provide an early warning system in case of intruders. If the roo's are Combat ready RIR's warning signs should be posted. If you have more than 4 you should be a licensed Med Evac. person.

A flock of chickens can weed a garden previously prepared by goats and/or pigs. Care should be taken after planting. Chickens can't distinguish between weeds and seedlings. Deep excavation may require a permit.

Learning tool, Any Roo and some hens can teach your young children the real meaning of "RUN SPOT RUN".

Feathers. The arts and craft applications are endless. If you can pry the tail feathers from little Johnie's fist you can do a lot of things with them, if they are not too damaged.

There is more, another time.
Ol' George

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