Brown Egg Blue Egg

Tribute to Eggnus (2003-2004)

by Patty Mousty
March 2004

Eggnus came into our lives on April 6,2003. I had a placed an order for two chicks at a feed store and when we picked them up, I saw a box labed White Rocks. Inside the it were the cutest yellow chicks with a touch of peach of their chests. One chick looked up at me, almost pleading for me to pick her. I couldn't resist, I had found my Eggnus.

I had a Silkie hen named Emma, who was raising two chicks of her own and Emma adopted Eggnus. Eggnus immediately cuddled under Emma and joined the other chicks. All through Eggnus' life she remained close to her foster mom.

Emma and Eggnus
Eggnus and Friends Wait Over Josh
However, Eggnus quickly outgrew her mom and the other large breed chicks. She would trail behind the others and when she'd run we called it the 'wiggle waddle.' She would hop back and forth sideways and she had trouble stopping once she started running; she even knocked a rooster down who was standing in her path.

When she was four months old Eggnus went lame. I took her to a vet, Eggnus was the talk of the waiting room-this big white chicken in a dog crate. She made friends with everyone at the vet's office inclucing the vets assistant, who told me Eggnus was a Cornish x Rock broiler chicken. I suspected she was after seeing a picture of one in a catalog.
The vet thought Eggnus had injured her back jumping down out of the coop because she was obese. She weighed over nine pounds at four months old! She as given vitamin shots and medicine and I put her on a diet. Eggnus went outside in the mornings with the flock, then she come in the house where she had her own personal fan. She lived in a plastic crate in the hallway. She's flash those big eyes at you and tilt her head sideways, she loved to be petted. She greeted everyone who passed by.

Eggnus never regained her ability to walk any distance. She would take a couple of steps then she would lie down, but that never stopped her from trying. Eggnus was determined to walk.

Eggnus died January 3, 2004 in her sleep. I knew from the research I did on her breed she wouldn't live to be very old. It didn't make her passing any easier. We buried her beside a peony bush she loved to lie beneath.

She always had a cheerful attitude and the sweetest personality. I knew Eggnus was special the first time I saw her, I just didn't know how special she really was. I will never know why a Cornish x Rock was in a box with the White Rock chicks but if she hadn't been, I would have never known my Eggnus. I have no regrets. If I had known what I know now, I would do it all over again.

A gentle giant of a chilken with a heart of gold: Eggnus, I will love and remember you always.

My Dear Beloved Eggnus, my Mama taut me a real nice song that her Mama usta sing to her when she was learnin to walk. My Mama likes old music like from Whirled Wartoo, wherever that. So, without feather ado...I dedicate this song to you, "I Dont Wanna Walk Without You".

  Every day I pace the pen,
the other roos say, "Find yorself a hen"
And I look at the sky above,
Because I am a rooster whose in love

I dont wanna walk without you, Eggnus,
Crow or even squawk without you, Eggnus
Each night I dream of you and I sigh...
If I were aerodynamic, to you I'd swiftly fly..

Oh, nowhere would I truck without you, Eggnus,
I dont wanna cluck without you, Eggnus,
I'll find the perfect nestbox, a perfect rondayvoo
And weel be twogether just me and you.


My heart is breaking,
You were taken from me with no reason or rhyme,
They say that chickens are not supposed to feel,
But tears run down my wattles, because for you I pine.
My dear, beloved Eggnus, though miles kept us so far apart,
My love for you was deep and true
And you will always have my heart.
Perhaps I will know other hens,
But look at me from high above and you will know,
That you are my first, my one true love.

Eggnus, I know you're up in Heaven now and your legs are fine and you feel well. Mama Florence says so and I guess she knows what shees takin about. But we all miss you so much.

Yor loving Whitey

Brown Egg Blue Egg