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Perel's Impacted Crop

By Jes Dennett - October 2005
Please see my note below - Alan

Hi Everyone, A week or so ago I asked questions on impacted crops. One of my hens, Perle, was impacted and I tried everything to help her. Nothing I did helped any. She was starving to death.

I finally made an appointment with a new vet (it took ages to find one who would see her!). Perle went to see her first thing on Thursday morning. The vet took x-rays but they didn't show anything in Perle's crop.Her crop was just very large with specks of grit mixed in. The vet tried to pull out with forceps anything that was in there. Yowch! It was amazing to watch but nothing came out.

The vet recomended knocking Perle out and emptying the crop. Doing it while they are awake is really stressfull. She gave me an estimate and I said do it!!

The vet ended up having to cut Perle open. She had tried again with forceps but the thing in her crop was too big to get out of her throat. (Hence the trouble I had with getting her to throw anything up!). So she opened up Perel's crop and out came a huge wad of hay and grass; all in one big lump.

I have a pic of it here in case anyone wants to see

My poor Perle! No wonder she couldn't get it to pass.

Anyway, she's home now, in her coop next to me here at the computer.
Shes doing very very well. Hungry as all get out! She's much more active and talking to me bunches.

Some people might think I'm crazy for spending $302 on a chicken that cost me less than 2 bucks to buy, but I know you guys will understand. My Dad laughed a little when I told him about her, but he too agrees that he would have probably done the same thing.

Footnote: Alan's Personal Experiences With His Friends' Impacted Crops

Every time I have tried to empty an impacted crop by filling then emptying it, I have killed the bird.

After I saw what the vet got out of Perle's crop, I realize how silly it is to think I can just fill the crop with fluid and safely guide such a mass out my friend's throat.

Perhaps a little oil or baking soda can empty a partialy impacted crop. I can't understand how that will clean out such a wad of grass.

My good friend Ruth, of chicken diaper fame, is a brave person. she slit open a crop, emptied it, and sewed it closed.
Unless you are as skilled as Ruth, I suggest a little oil or other prescribed addition to get the crop to empty naturally. After that,
If this comment saves your feathered buddy, then Nicodemus, Twiggers, and the others did not die for naught.

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