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More Mo
By Linda First
November 2006
Meet Mo
Mo's Day
I happened upon four darling little cockerels in a feed store and brought them home. We named the four Eenie, Meanie, Miney, and Mo.

... continued ...
Every time Larry would get down in the floor with the flock, all four jumped on Larry's leg. Larry loved them all; he didn't prefer Mo's company to any of the others...
At least not then.

Eenie, Meanie, Miney, and Mo on Dwaddy

Eenie, Mo, Larry, and Linda
From the very first of his life, Mo ALWAYS preferred our company to those of his three buds. The second his dad came in sight, Mo totally ignored the others. He came and jumped up on his Dwaddy's (that's what he calls him) big shoe and lovingly looked up,

As the four grew, Meanie became especially aggressive on me, he would grab, twist and pound the flesh on my arm. I had bruises all up and down my arm. Then soon after this began, Mo stood ground between Meanie and me, defended me, and put Meanie right in place!

Then on, Mo knew himself as my protector!
When we finished their little coop and moved them in, we right away began to notice Mo was always helping us bed down the flock, He never huddled up with the other three trying to get warm and secure for the night.

Two of the other roosters became more mean, but Eenie and Mo stayed their sweet selves. Mo fell more and more in love with Larry and me. Only if his good friend Eenie foraged outside, then Eenie was his bud. At any slight chance to be with us, Eenie was on his own and Mo was right at our heels.

When the predator got Eenie, Mo became even more crazy about us. Now, he could focus his total attention on us all the time.

It's so much fun to finally share with folks our little story about Mo.

Eenie, Meanie, Miney, and Mo's Coop
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